Krista Carter (OZMA)

Since 2006, Krista has studied and publicly performed Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and American Tribal Style Belly Dance. Some of the popular tutorials on this channel were created to supplement lessons for her private students and the videos grow in popularity every day.
As a woman who has struggled with obesity her whole life, Krista feels Tribal Fusion Belly Dance is the perfect medium for what she wants to express to the world.
"I wanted to challenge my audiences to see the human body in a different way." says Krista. "I want them to see that grace and artful movement are not restricted to athletes, and neither is beauty. I want women to see humor, self love...I want them to feel proud to be a woman. Most of all, I have always loved indigenous rhythm, and this art form gives me a platform to joy in the diverse beauty of music and tribal dance."

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