“Be Gentle” | OZMA’s Dance Devotional | 4/10/2017

Happy birthday to me! (yesterday)

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So happy to be back with you.
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I am extremely self-critical.
Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations have been helping, but I still struggle with feeling worthy enough to be alive.
I keep thinking I should be better, more accomplished...perfect. I should be perfect. Even though Perfect doesn't exist.

So, this week I am cultivating the skill of being gentle.

What if I was a little kid? Would I talk to a twelve-year-old the way I talk to myself?
All she wants to do is be loved and accepted and maybe have some pants that fit her...maybe also some cute shoes. Why can't I be good to her? Why can't I encourage her and forgive all her stupid mistakes?

I can forgive her and love her. I can be gentle.

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