“Once You Know, Go.” | OZMA’s Dance Devotional | 4/17/2017

Y'all should know by now, I am the queen of procrastination.
I am not too proud to admit that I can know a thing, and not do the thing...which is a character trait that I will have to progressively overcome over the course of my life.

There comes a point in life when one literally may not have the time, money, resources, privilege, etc. to do what needs to be done to achieve your life goals.

These are the messy decisions. Do I meditate or eat breakfast? Do I read to my kids or write that email that I promised to write two weeks ago? Do I work out or wash the dishes?

Sometimes the most difficult decisions are between two very important things, and we have to choose and live with the consequences.

I find that I need to find what works as soon as I can and focus on consistently doing what works as soon as I know what works.

Curb that desire for shiny objects and ideas--once you know, GO.
Now that I'm done preaching to myself...

How do you stay on track?

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