Tornadoes + Shoot-outs | VLOG | 8 MAR 2017

So, there was a tornado warning and this huge cell of storms blasting through my town on Monday, so I had to hang out in the basement of the library with a bunch of other students.

A couple of friends showed up in the basement with a huge apple pie, and asked me if I wanted some. I was hungry. Really hungry—I had skipped dinner, and was waiting for the storm to pass before I went home.

Remembering the horrible insulin comas and the not-so-tastiness of the previous few times I had indulged in high levels of sugar, I said no thanks.

THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Usually when I am in situations like this, I start to panic and inhale any form of food I can get my hands on. But, in spite of my hunger, I felt emotionally stable, and well enough to wait till I got home to eat some “real food.” People. It’s WORKING.



Then, last night, there was a shoot-out happening outside my apartment. I’m laughing as I tell it, but only because it made me pretty darn nervous. As one does when one witnesses such a thing, I had a very sober review of what I was doing with my (short) life, and determined to take more action that reflected the good I want to do in this world.

I was also watching Mel Robbins’ morning routine training, and it was blowing my mind with its simplicity and efficacy. Also, Mel is quickly turning into my favorite speaker. She’s salty but not crass, straightforward without being bossy. I’m hoping some of her mojo will rub off on me.

I recommend starting with this excellent interview with Mel by Tom Bilyeu and then following the link in the description to Mel’s website to get the free morning routine. It. Is. Worth. It.

I tried Mel’s morning routine this morning, and already, I am getting things done, I’m not hesitating…it’s great. Her Five Second Rule is the little missing piece I have been looking for to help me shut off my brain and stop myself from procrastinating. Less thinking—who would have thought! LOL

Life is short, and it’s turbulent during this time in history. Hug your friends, kiss your loved one, be good to your kids and throw a snack to your dog today. Spread some love, will ya? For me?

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